At Hayes Barton, talent acquisition isn’t just about filling a gap — it’s much bigger than that. We understand that the right candidates power the growth of a business, and we have the experience necessary to support businesses of any age, whether you’re a new business in their crucial first years or an established business working through digital transformation. Our process employs modern, innovative techniques to meet the needs of your business, and it can cover everything from start to finish, from the initial strategy to onboarding.

Our Excellence Framework involves 6 actionable Core Steps that drive the recruitment process to success.


6 Core Steps:

1. Requirements Identification & Planning:
Strategic definition early on in the process ensures that each party fully understands what kind of candidate is needed. A sourcing strategy and plan is crafted with creative storytelling that sells your business, its culture, and the benefits to candidates.

2. Sourcing:
One of the most important steps is finding candidates that fit, which can take a considerable amount of time without the right resources. We utilize modern tools and tactics to find new candidates in addition to the established pipelines of qualified candidates we have in place to expedite this phase.

3. Qualifying & Pre-Screening:
Each candidate is processed and screened by our team so that you can focus on running your business. This protects your time as an employer, and ensures that you meet the candidates that are the best fit.

4. Interviewing:
Candidates interviewing is a two-sided approach that organizes the entire interview process to prep both the business and the candidate. By the time you meet your candidates, they will already know your story and ‘elevator pitch’, letting you focus on getting to know them better.

5. Negotiation, Offer, & Closing:
Some of the hardest conversations come in this phase, but our mediation tactics are skilled in making both parties happy. This includes partnering with your internal HR staff to help the candidate fulfill the particulars of closing and hiring.

6. Onboarding:
Now that you’ve found the perfect candidate, it’s important to make their transition as smooth as possible. We make sure that they have everything they need to find their footing so they can start positively impacting your business from Day 1.


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